Thursday, December 22, 2005

Meat and Cheese, 12/21/05 Edition

Periodically, a bunch of us old-skool AOLers (mostly alumni at this point) get together for meat and cheese at a local themed franchise steak eatery.

We swap the same old stories, slag the same old people and generally wallow in a pit of shared memories.

It's a pretty good time.

Cameras are not normally permitted at these events, but I was able to sneak this photo:

Meat and Cheese, 12/21

That's Shawn, Michelle, Mike, Jason and me. Incidentally, this photo features the three original AOL Webmasters.

I think this was Michelle's first Meat & Cheese.

Click the photo or this link to get the 800 pixel wide version.

Photo-wise, I only took out the redeye -- we really are that good-looking.

Shortly afterwards, though, AOL stopped hiring solely on the basis of appearance.

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