Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Name Is Indeed a Saving Word (For Hurricane Preparedness Supplies)

If you saw my blog entry from Thursday (and chances are, you didn't -- Facebook Notes were being flaky again), you would have seen my entry Say My Name and Save During Hurricane Preparedness Week (for Real), which explains how saying "Joe Loong" during checkout will save you 20% off your purchase (excluding car batteries) at 3 Batteries Plus locations in Virginia, now through May 31.

Well, it's true -- after getting my car's intake hose replaced and my tire repaired this morning (apparently, I've been driving around with a nail in it for a few months), I stopped off at the Batteries Plus store in Fairfax:

Corvette not included.

After doing some shopping (to be honest, I'm pretty well set for most batteries and lights right now -- they have light bulbs and other stuff, though), I went to check out, and after saying my name and giving an explanation, came away with "my" 20% discount (looks like tax was still charged, though, and batteries and flashlights are supposed to be exempt):

Subtotal is 20% off. However, looks like tax was charged.

I bought a hand-cranked/solar flashlight, as well as an A23 battery for one of my odder lights:


In summary, see the original post, and through the rest of May, save 20% off your purchase (excluding car batteries) at Batteries Plus locations in Alexandria, Fairfax, and Manassas by saying my name (Joe Loong) at checkout.

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