Monday, April 06, 2009

My Brunswick Stew Is Award-Winning

[Update: 10/19/09: I am reminded by commenters that my photo was removed a few months back, though I'm leaving the post up for posterity's sake.]

I'm just going to pretend my month-long posting lull didn't happen.

A few days ago, a blog reader let me know that he was having Brunswick Stew (from a can) for lunch (via IM, not Twitter, which is how you're supposed to send your pointless lunch updates these days.)

There aren't that many brands of Brunswick Stew (from a can). I did an image search for "Mrs. Fearnow's" to take a look at the yellow-labeled can. Lo, to my surprise, I saw among the results a familiar-looking photo:


Yes, that's clearly my very own Brunswick Stew (homemade, not from a can) photo, as used in my earlier blog entry and seen below:


Naturally, I clicked through to see the image in use -- it's on the Product History page of BOST Distributing, the company that now owns the Mrs. Fearnow's brand:


Evidently, some content jockey (judging by the Web site, "Web designer" would be a stretch) needed a product photo of the Brunswick Stew (from a can) not in the can, did a Google Image Search, and grabbed my photo. (They rehosted it, so it's not hotlinked, which means I can't do any image-swap shenanigans.)

Technically, they're using my photo without permission or proper attribution (as with most of my photos, it's licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike), but I don't care about that -- the point is that they're using my photo of Brunswick Stew (homemade, not from a can) on the product page for their commercial Brunswick Stew (from a can), which is a pretty silly thing for a company to do.


mansionmogul said...

You know you've made it've been officially ripped off! Well done.

Joelogon said...

Thanks, I think. Although if you look at it, I used lima beans, clearly not the butter beans that Mrs. Fearnow's uses.

Anonymous said...

Folks: The photo was posted on the Castleberry's website beside Mrs. Fearnows can brunswick stew. The photo is no longer posted on the Bost website! The Bost website is better than most food websites. I think the Bost website is very nice.

Joelogon said...

My photo has indeed been taken down from the Bost site. Thank for you letting me know, Anonymous person who I'm sure is in no way affiliated with the Bost website.

Debbie said...




Joelogon said...

Thanks, I've updated the post to reflect that my photo is no longer being used.

FYI, you might want to resize the fireplace photo -- it's 1.2 megabytes, which is at least 10x bigger than it needs to be, as well as distorted. You probably want to do a separate version that's cropped and resized specifically for that space.

Unknown said...

Bost website has been totally updated with more info and photos. I have more pages to work with, infact from 10 pages to 999 GoDaddy pages. Question, where can I find a "free" website slideshow?
GoDaddy does not have a slideshow tool available.

Thanks, Debbie

Joelogon said...

Debbie -- not sure about your specific requirements, but for embeddable free slideshows, you might consider slide, rockyou, etc. (Flickr for a modest premium.) Might not be suitable for enterprise applications, though. Also, if you're truly going to be running a site with 999 pages, you might consider a content management system (perhaps a Wordpress site)