Friday, December 12, 2008

Local Blog Dumbness, or What the Hell Is Going on at Metblogs DC?

I was just looking through some of my Local bookmarks and found two instances of dumbness, one a momentary lapse, the other a whole lot... odder.

First, the Rock and Roll Hotel calendar listings featured a whole mess of Photobucket "Bandwidth Exceeded" pictures (it has since been fixed):


I don't know if it was a technical problem or some sort of administrative glitch (e.g. nonpayment) -- I can't see them actually trying to use a free account for this. But who knows.

Anyway, though not too bad of an incident, it does show the inherent, though usually acceptable, risk in relying on third-party providers for your photo hosting.

The second item is the current lead story on Metblogs DC -- it's entitled "Don't Drive Drunk," and it's pretty... daffy:

Don’t drink and drive also please wear your seat belt.

December is the most dangerous month when most of people get killed or life time injured by accidents.
I do not care where ever you go, when ever you go, we all know time location and our work all is important but think.
Is your life is not important ???
Your children are also important…
When you are at the driving seat, you are responsible of all people who are sitting with you, so tell them WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT OR GET OFF FROM THE CAR !!!!
It goes on to combine some overexcited prose with some near-Engrish, as well as a few nigh-inexplicable photos of a child car crash victim, a potential car crash victim, and more:


The posting over at Metblogs DC has been kind of sporadic ever since the big WeLoveDC exodus, but seriously, come on.


Anonymous said...

The downfall of Metblogs has been really, really sad to watch. It's almost comical, what's left over there now.

Joelogon said...

There seems to be a renewed focus on DC this week; I also saw that this entry got a few hits from the Metblogs private discussion board over the weekend, so maybe someone took note.

WK said...

I think that this post is okay nothing wrong with it.

Dont you think that it gives a clear message that " DRIVE SAFE ".

Joelogon said...

Sorry, I have to disagree. Outside of numerous grammar and spelling errors, it doesn't have anything specific to the DC-area. You could have mentioned something about Soberride, or DC-area DUI checkpoints, or even regional traffic accident statistics -- this is just a generic message about safe driving.