Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Washington Monument on a Rainy Night

Last month, I was driving back from some sort of tech event foolishness in DC on a rainy night, when I saw the Washington Monument shrouded in mist.

It looked pretty cool. I pulled over and walked over to take some photos. Since it's raining right now, I guess that's a good enough excuse to post them.

The full set is here: Washington Monument on a Rainy Night, 11/13/08

Trying to catch the red aviation marker lights was annoying.

Low angle, with flag.

Lower angle, on the corner.

Up against the wall, looking up. Didn't they just clean the silly thing?

Since I didn't have a tripod, I propped the camera against my shoe and hit the self-timer. My head accidentally got in the way of a couple of pics, so I decided to do one with me in it on purpose:

Outta the way, you damned fool!

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