Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burger Time: Joe's Burgers in McLean

The other day, some of my cow-orkers were talking about burgers, and Joe's Burgers came up.

Since I am easily suggestible, I went there this afternoon. Taking advice from the review in the Washington Post, I called ahead for carryout (though it wasn't that crowded after 1pm on a Tuesday) and ordered the Black Angus Burger (Boursin cheese is standard, with added bacon and mushrooms):


It was pretty darn good. Messy, but that comes with the territory. The fries were shoestring-style; okay, but not my favorite. I would place it in the vicinity of Five Guys, but then I'm not really that picky.

Anyway, I'm not used to eating a half-a-pound of ground beef for lunch (nor do I plan to be), so I'm still feeling a little weighed down.

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