Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I'm Either Having an Affair or a Mid-Life Crisis

After all, I'm showing many of the classic warning signs:

* Yesterday, I went to my new gym for the first time (after deliberation, I went with the Fitness First).

I met with a trainer, who led me through a relatively short conditioning workout, which still kicked my ass. Especially the BOSU ball pushups and cable push-pulls. I was a little dizzy on the drive home, though a good part of that was due to my...

* New contact lenses, which I'd gotten earlier that afternoon. I'm still adjusting to them, so items low and close in my visual field (like my hands and the steering wheel) look large and out of perspective.

I wore contacts on and off in high school and college, then stopped wearing them about 14 years ago. Which means it's been about that long since I've been able to watch someone give me a...

* New haircut today. Somehow, a few months had slipped by since my last one, and my hair was really getting in my eyes. I hate that. So I decided to go a little shorter than was probably wise, but it's summer and it'll grow back (unlike with so many other men my age):

Before and after. (Or is it dumb and dumberer.)

The downside of the haircut and the lack of glasses is that I don't look as much as my WeeMee avatar any more:


But I can live with that and the other downsides (e.g. will lose any future staring contests, and when napping, my eyes stay part-open, which freaks people out).

Actually, I'm so used to seeing myself wearing glasses that I prefer how I look with them on, but contacts are just so much more useful in certain endeavors -- sports, shooting, the physical act of love, etc.

Also, I can do a proper *facepalm* now. And, I can wear cool sunglasses, instead of wearing clip-ons. So it's worth the occassional dry eye and itchiness (my eyes are still adjusting).


Jamy said...

If you're having an affair, who are you cheating on? Your blog?

Also, the contacts are great for the physical act of love, until you try to take them out at 3am and find them stuck to your eyes. Not that that's ever happened to me.

Joelogon said...

Jamy: That's the poser, innit.

On contacts: Another potential downside is that sometimes you don't want to be able to see clearly. Not that that's ever happened to me.

Jamie said...

No glasses, no mullet, and going to the gym?? What are you, trying to get laid or something? You're going to give geeks everywhere a bad name.

Contacts good. The sunglasses is a big one - prescription shades are just not happening, you need to be able to buy a pair at any gas station for $5 and not care when you lose them.

Jamy's 3AM problem is valid, but it's nothing that can't be fixed in the morning with some saline solution or eyedrops. A small price to pay.

Joelogon said...

Jamie (what's with all Jam*'s today?): 1. I didn't have a mullet (at least, not here) 2. What's the matter with a mullet, anyway?