Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scabs and The Family Sack

Two items from today's Washington Post:

* A newspaper ad from Safeway -- "Now accepting applications for temporary employees in preparation for a possible labor dispute":

Legal workers only. That's a relief.

Note that I have no knowledge of this particular labor dispute, so I make no judgments as to the nature of greedy, soulless corporations vs. greedy, corrupt unions -- I just hadn't seen an ad for strikebreakers/temporary workers before.

Also, note that I am not considering applying at this juncture, as I am currently consulting right now. For realz.

* An ad insert for the Frito-Lay Family Sack:


I can't be the only person to think that "family sack" invokes a completely meaning. (And I'm not.) Nards.


1 comment:

prettyparker said...

Wow, the only way Safeway could have made it worse is if they place a few of those electronic ATM-looking job kiosks right next to the striking workers.

I'd buy the family sack of chips but I would feel a little embarrassed hauling it around in my grocery cart.