Thursday, March 20, 2008

Buoyed by the Cute, 24-Year-Old, Pathologically Lying Hairdressers. Plus, Another Birthday.

I have to admit, I was feeling pretty low this afternoon. Mostly, it's because I haven't been sleeping on a regular schedule, and when I have been, it's been on Pacific Daylight Time (possibly even Alaska Daylight Time). Which is inconvenient when you're in EDT.

So I've been tired, out of sync, and not feeling particularly effective or productive. And my right shoulder is killing me, from excessive improper mousing.

I'm a little out of sorts, I guess.

A bunch of folks met up tonight for a Spring Equinox Happy Hour at Carpool -- after work and my run-in with the White Van Speaker scam guys this afternoon, I was dragging ass so bad I seriously considered not going. But since I was watching the NCAA tournament (well, half-watching, until the Duke game came on) and not getting anything done anyway, I went out.

Between kickballers, AOLers, and other locals, I think I knew half the bar. I did not, however, know the two cute girls at the bar I ended up talking to for a bit, who turned out to be local hairdressers, impossibly young (the 24 thing was just a guess), and also pathological liars (well, just the one, and I think she was just making conversation).

Anyway, between the company, the time, the friends, and the drinks, I ended up feeling a lot better. But I do still have to get back to EDT.


* Adam and I will be celebrating yet another more-or-less joint birthday, this Saturday the 22rd at the Four Courts in Arlington. We'll be there by 9pm, so come on out.

* Also, the Washington Pyschotronic Film Society is coming back from hiatus -- the new night is Wednesday starting next week (the schedule dates still say Tuesday, so watch out) at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse. (The April 9 showing of Kentucky Fried Movie will be a must-see.)

* Saturday, March 29, the Raveonettes return to DC, playing at the Black Cat. I hope to add to my Sharon Foo photo collection.

* The 2008 running of the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race is Saturday, May 3. It's also the same day as Gold Cup, so you'll have to choose. I hope to go, and since my usual method of spectating is on rollerblades, that means I have about six weeks to get back into skating shape, or else it's going to be a long day. (See more race info.)



Meredith Laird said...

Oh, no! I missed your birthday. I guarantee that you had more fun on your birthday than I did.

How about belated birthday beverages on me sometime soon? I'm out of town until Tuesday. Then I'm back in town for at least six days. :-)

I'll email you. Happy Birthday, young'n.

Unknown said...

In case you didn't recognize the screen name in that past commment it's me. Long story. It involves a science fiction novel.

Joelogon said...

I was wondering who the heck you were. And my actual birthday isn't until Wednesday.