Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If They're Carding for Cough Syrup, It Must Be Really Cool to Abuse

I stopped by CVS tonight to stock up on cough syrup and decongestants. I think the cold part is done, and what's left is a sinus thing. It's hard to say.

I was a little surprised when the cashier asked me for ID, since I picked up the crappy, pseudoephedrine-free, can't-make-meth-from-it decongestant. But it wasn't for that -- it was because the cough medicine had dextromethorphan. The stuff that the kids go robotripping on.

The receipt helpfully explained the situation:

Preventing Teen Cough Medicine Abuse
Preventing Teen Cough Medicine Abuse

Now I'm all sorts of curious. I kinda want to chug the bottle now.


prettyparker said...

Whoa, I never heard of teen cough medicine abuse. I would imagine it would simply give a kid an upset stomach, or the runs but not a high. Did it always have this affect on kids? I hated taking cough syrup when I was young.

Joelogon said...

Not sure -- it still tastes awful, though.

Anonymous said...

Robotripping is kinda fun in that freshman-year-of-high-school sort of way. Cough syrup (sizzurp) these days contains considerably less DXM than they did several years ago.

Basically, it reacts like a hallucinogen and really interferes with your depth perception. While it's fun, it screws with your head and you do funny stuff when you're on it.

I hold local fame to downing two 12oz. bottles of Robo. I'm still alive, you just need to not drive and to be generally hydrated.

I question whether printing, "PREVENTING TEEN COUGH MEDICINE ABUSE" is hardly effective. Every 13 year old knows a 15 year old who knows a 18 year old. Probably posting placards in the medicine aisle would get the point across while saving money on toner.

Another part of the problem is the kids who abuse DXM, know what they're doing, they know how to get it and their parents are completely oblivious and ignore the warnings.

It was rather interesting to see "Buy One, Get One Free" at the local Giant a few months ago. You'd think their corp-comm would stop that sale to avert negative press. (One bottle for you, and one for your son to trip on.)

So, if you're bored, drink the bottle. You may not even notice the difference compared to all the other medicines in your system. Worst-case scenario, you pass out and have a 13+ hour sleep. But if you need depth perception and awareness, I suggest to take it prescribed.


Joelogon said...

Anon: I ain't that bored.

(Siriusly, we have the Internet. Kids today don't know how good they have it.)

Susie Felber said...

Whoa. See? I'd never heard of Robotripping. I feel cool/ less lame now. To tihnk in our day all we had was lemon extract and smoking catalpas.

Joelogon said...

Susie: I hear you can try nutmeg, too.

Susie Felber said...

you first, J man. :D

Fauzzie Fozzington said...

Chug down 1450mg then you can call yourself a man. Nothing sophomoric about that, baby, just complete twacked-out-of-your-headness. It's also fun to smoke a doobie, or drink a forty while or when you do this shit. It really throws the ol' liver for a spin (the alcohol that is). Oh, and pick up a pack of butts (isn't that attractive), you're going to need them. (They are so soothing when you think you are going to die).

Ride on syrup heads. 8-)