Monday, February 25, 2008

A Canned Coffee, to Go

I had a morning meeting last week, just as I was getting sick. I was in a rush, so I grabbed a canned coffee drink (a Trader Joe's Triple Espresso Mocha) for the drive over.

After the meeting and a few errands, I came home. I still had the empty can, which I crumpled up and parked on my windshield as I went to check the mailbox.

This morning, when I went out to the car, guess what I saw on my windshield, four days later?


Because I'd been sick, I didn't leave the house much over the weekend, but I'm pretty sure I ran at least one errand in the car. And I'm also pretty sure that, while driving to that errand, I kept hearing a rattling noise that I couldn't figure out.

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