Monday, October 02, 2006

Hipster Overload at Crafty Bastards

I went to the Crafty Bastards arts & crafts thing today.

I'd been wavering, but it was a really nice day out -- the kind of day we're only going to have a few more of until next spring. Great skating weather, too.

I parked my car in Arlington, Metroed to McPherson Square and went up 16th Street. (Incidentally, when did they paint in bike lanes? I know it's just a mind-trick, but they're kind of useful, especially when you're gassing out going up a long hill.)

When I got to the fair (call it what you want, it's still a craft fair), it was pretty crowded, so I unstrapped and walked around.

I only took a couple of photos. Sensory overload, due to all the artists and young urban hipsters and their ironic t-shirts and wacky outfits. Too much to focus on any one thing. Plus, sometimes I'm still a little hesitant when it comes to shooting people in public. So I just took a few snapshots:

Dirtfarm's Ben Claassen
Ben Claassen III of Dirtfarm and other ventures. I bought a t-shirt. Not ironic, but it does glow in the dark.

Mr. Pickles.

I also squished a penny. I didn't watch the b-boy breakdancers (even if I could have gotten a line of sight, it just wasn't on my list.

After a few circuits, I left and grabbed a falafel and then walked back to Dupont. I didn't want to burn out my brake on the hill, and I figured I'd be in and out of a few shops, anyway.

I like purple.

First comes love, then comes marriage,then comes a U-lock on a baby carriage.

I ended up carrying my skates for most of the afternoon, so my back is a little sore.

That's about it.

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