Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ongoing Dumbness

This week, I discovered some ongoing dumbness I had been perpetrating:

* Somehow, my work e-mail client had reverted to previous settings where it'd automatically saved all read mail locally. It probably happened a few months ago, when I got upgraded to the new laptop.

There was a reason I stopped saving all mail locally, and that was because the database was getting bloated with crap. Which explained why every time I went into my saved mail folder, it asked me if I really wanted to sort the folder, since it had over 2200 messages and would take a few minutes.

* When I set up this here blog with dem ole' StatCounter, I made provisions to have two bits of counter code: a visible counter on the main page, and invisible tracking code for all the subpages.

Unfortunately, I never did implement any way to actually branch the two bits of counter code so they only showed up on the appropriate pages, so instead, they showed up on every page.

This means that everything has been double-counted so far.

On the plus side, fixing this means that I can see back farther in the logs, since the free log size limit is 100 (of what, I know not)

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