Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cut Off

It figures. I wanted to do a whole lot of catchup blogging tonight, so of course my broadband connection is out. Cable, too.

I go to call it in.

Phone's out.

I call from the cell and Comcast says the techs are already on site and that it'll be fixed in 45 minutes. We'll see. [Okay, there was a spark of life at the 50 minute mark, but it took 2 hours before I was back up.]

I call Verizon. As previously blogged, I've had a lot of fun dealings with them before.

After about 5 minutes of a bot walking me through menu items, inconclusive line tests and warnings about service contracts, I bailed.

Since I like having a landline as backup, I will have to call it in at some point. I'm just really not looking forward to it.

[Okay, this is kind of odd -- I wasn't getting dial tone, but I called from my cellphone and it rang, so now my phone seems to be working. That's kind of a relief.]

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