Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Don't Look Young... You Just Look Old

When I'm not being mistaken for a woman because of my long, luxurious hair (and I'll get a haircut when I'm good and ready, thanks), I hear this a lot when I tell people my age:

Wow, you look so young.

On the one hand, I will admit it -- it's flattering. At least, it was the first few hundred times it happened.

On the other hand, I look young compared to whom?

It's not the people of Asian, African or Latino descent (among others) -- you know, people who aren't white (I detest the term "people of color").

Yes, it's all you white devils out there with your wrinkled and decrepit flesh that sets the cultural standard out there, so instead of you folks being prematurely-aged, we get called young-looking.

[Cue the rant on cultural imperialism, etc. etc. etc.]

I actually don't care that much, as there is something to be said for being outside the norm.

I also find that as I get older, I'm starting to miss it a little, since I'm getting carded less and less. I think it's the thousand-yard stare, furrowed brow and beaten-down expression.



Anonymous said...

I totally agree! I'm an actress/model, and the only bookings I get are for silly teeny-bopper magazines. I'm Hispanic, but everyone thinks I'm Asian because I straightened my hair, and though I'm 23, I get casted as a 15 year old; agents say I "market better that way". And the only guys who ask me out are little ones who don't even got their learner's permit yet!!!! GRRRR! Of course, it doesn't help that I'm only 5ft 1. LOL

aL said...

Wow, you did the whole 1000 yd stare thing. I almost look forward to getting carded these days and then feel slightly insulted when I do. Call it a catch22 or just simply asian blood.

Joelogon said...

Well, there are worse things in life than being young and pretty, I guess. -- Joe

Anonymous said...

I agree that some Whites tend to age harder than others. My sister was telling me about a kid from our high school who's in between us in age (a year younger than me and a year older than her) and that he's already going bald. Damn.

I get mistaken for younger than my age all the time...usually from other black people. They use that condescending "sweetie" or "baby girl" when talking to me.

The worst instance of this was when the same sister and I were at our aunt's house. The aunt had her former in-laws over. One of the in-laws asked my sister, while pointing at me, if I was her daughter. "Lady," I said. "I'm two years older than her!" She was shocked. I don't dress young. How many 12-year-olds wear bohemian flared pants?!

And in terms of acting, Elena, my agent told me that I'd probably get cast as school kids as well. I'll take it in stride. You won't see me posing on Maxim to get taken "more seriously as an adult actress." (rolls eyes)