Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Trolling the Logs Again

Going through my referrers from today, I pulled a few morsels out:

* According to Yahoo, I'm currently in the Top 10 when you search for Pretty Dumb Things (and also for plain old Dumb Things)

* I'm also on the first page of results for bad.....worse....worst (this was from a search on Google South Africa that originated in Saudi Arabia)

* Someone from the U.S. Southern Command took a look after searching Google for Illegal Websites and finding my entry on a virus-generated e-mail

* Miscellaneous other searches (mostly google) include drinking and drugging, tits done, and Seattle Craigslist discrete

Other than that, it's gratifying to see the clicks from the DC Blogs Live feed (which was the point of joining, of course).

There is that "blogging for an audience" dynamic, which I have many mundane and trite thoughts about, though I haven't bothered to weigh in on Kathryn's post from last week on what not to blog (as regards the feed) -- nor do I plan to.

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