Wednesday, May 17, 2006

2006 Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race Video

Here's a followup to my earlier entry on the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture race -- I finally stitched together the video I took on my camera and uploaded it to YouTube:

I've never really worked in video before, plus it's my first time uploading to YouTube, so it's kind of crappy-looking (especially after it gets Flash encoded).

The video I had was a bunch of short clips of the sculptures on the road, first from the Canton Waterfront to Patterson Park, then from Patterson Park to the Inner Harbor.

I was playing around using iMovie 3; at first, I wanted to keep it bare bones, but because I didn't have a lot of overall footage to work with, it really needed transitions. In most cases, I used the Wash-In, then used the Music Video titles to add the captions.

It also needed background music (especially over that one part about that guy talking about his lunch), so I used the themes from Katamari Damacy (borrowing from the cliche), and Benny Hill, as well as They Might Be Giants's Minimum Wage (hee-yah! *whip-crack*).

The music syncs up fairly well with the action, which was mostly accidental -- I did leave a gap between after the first song so you could hear a bit of dialog about Fifi, and the Frog's noisemaker, before jumping into the Benny Hill theme.

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