Sunday, June 11, 2006

Just What About Sunday Mornings Is Supposed to Be Easy?

Some incidental dumbness while I process my first cup of coffee.

* I just spent about 20 minutes searching for the newspaper, which was complicated by the fact that I've got about 3 weeks worth of papers scattered around 3 rooms of my house (including my completely taken over dining room table).

Naturally, I hadn't picked up today's paper yet, which was sitting on my porch.

Actually, this isn't as dumb as you might imagine, since I am often around or up when they deliver the paper; coming home a few weeks back around 2:00am, the paperboy (it actually was a boy, though he was being driven around) almost nailed me with the paper as I was fumbling with the lock.

* My computer has had trouble finding my wireless network lately, so I was fiddling with my settings last night. I caused myself a whole bunch of extra grief trying to fix the problem, until I finally realized that I'd entered my WPA password wrong somewhere in the "trying to fix it" process.

I seem to be better now.

Now, this is not really the post I'd intended after a two-week layoff, which I attribute to an occupational hazard: Not wanting to think about blogging after a full day's worth (and then some) of thinking about blogs, talking about blogs, and of course, blogging.

Maybe I will get to all that later.

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