Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Kickball Game 3 Summary

Here's the writeup I did for last week's game. (Which we won.)

I didn't submit it in time to make the division newsletter, so I am reposting it here so it doesn't go to waste.


Game Summary:
In a masterful bit of strategy, YTB captain Mallory deliberately tanked the opening rock-paper-scissors (that's 0-for-3, for those counting) in an effort to get YTB's hot feet to the plate. And it was a successful strategy, leading to 5 runs in the inning and much early celebration.

Da Dirty Rotten Sponge Monkeys did not give in to inevitable crushing defeat, though (curse them), hanging in gamely and eventually scoring two runs.

YTB was stymied offensively in the following innings, but played solid defense, despite several bases-loaded situations; at the end of 3 innings, head ump Jeremy posed the question: Stick around and play a full five, or head to the bar?

After a brief consultation, all parties decided to stick it out -- a decision which proved worthwhile, if only for the entertainment value of watching catcher Mallory swoop in to snag Da Monkey Jeff's ill-advised, yet seemingly uncatchable, foul ball.

In the end, Jason "Nuke" W. shook off any suggestion of a bringing in a closer, so he marks off his first win as pitcher. Unfortunately, this win also dashes any hope of completing an all-tie season, which had been our goal to date.

Thanks to ump Jeremy and all players for the full game.

Also, thanks to YTB alums Tom and Tommy for additional fan support.

Here's the Flickr set -- it's only 8 pics, of which only 5 have any kickball content.

Then again, there is a shot of a caged soda machine:

Caged Soda Machine

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