Monday, February 06, 2006

Wearing Things Around Your Neck for Dummies

Last month, I was given a new badge lanyard.

Actually, what happened is I just took it and said "I'm stealing this."

I happened to take a closer look at the back of the clip. It comes embossed with instructions:

Lanyard Clip

I guess that kind of makes sense. Here is a picture of the front of the clip:

Claymore Mine

If you need printed instructions to use a lanyard clip, I get the feeling you'll be availing yourself of the breakaway "weak link" in the cord, which is included to prevent wearers from accidentally strangling themselves.

(I don't usually wear my badge on a lanyard, as I prefer to have people to focus on my beltline. That is, my waist and crotch area.)

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Anonymous said...

"wearer" looks like "weaner"