Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm a Greedy Reader

(Well, looks like the Blogger scheduled maintenance is finally over.)

I am a greedy reader.

That is, when I go to the public library, I usually bring my PDA, which has a long list of books that sound interesting.

Invariably, I try to grab everything on my list. I usually manage to whittle it down to only slightly less than too many books that I can actually read, and am only saved from an abundance of late fees by the fact that you can renew them online.

I went to the library tonight, after leaving the office due to a spectactularly nonproductive early evening, in the hopes that I could take a nap and finish up a few things from home.

Anyway, here's what I left the library with:

* The Traveler, by John Twelve Hawks.

* Warrior Politics, by Robert D. Kaplan

* The New Face of War, Bruce Berkowitz

* Emergence, Steven Johnson.

We'll see if I get through them in a timely fashion.

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