Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm Caught Up, So Now I Can Start Falling Behind Again

Of course, the weekend is over and about the only thing I managed to do was get caught up on the first four episodes of '24.'

As noted, I am a horrible liveblogger (even if I were going to be blogging the show in real-time... hey, I may not have a TiVo yet, but I'm way past appointment television) -- if you're looking for that, check out Dave Barry's '24' blog entries.

Here were just a few observations:

* Jean Smart ("First Lady Sugarbaker") looked kind of hot with her top half off and her stockings pulled down -- it don't make me a bad person.

[Update: According to the IMDB entry, while Jean Smart was indeed a Designing Woman, she was not a Sugarbaker -- her character's name was Charlene Frazier Stillfield.]

* Announcement: While I am looking for a new phone to replace my beat up LG 5250 (you know, the one with the broken antenna and the battery Liquid Nailed in); if I do end up getting a Sprint Treo 650, it won't be because of a good product placement.

* Terrorst Post-Mortem Item #1: In retrospect, those cellular command remote detonators weren't such a great idea, after all.

* Chloe gets some, which gives me some hope until I remember that she is a fictional character.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the thing with Chloe is, like, what a challenge she'd be. Maybe I need to start wearing my quirks on my sleeve or something.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and ditto on the First Lady's cleavage. Rawr. HAHA.