Saturday, May 26, 2007

Low-Grade Fevers and Cut Cable Lines for Memorial Day

I've got a scratchy throat and a low-grade fever right now. I don't think I'm actually sick -- I just feel like ass, so I'm not doing anything right now except watching TV.

Even that was an adventure -- my cable (including my internet access) has been out since Thursday night. (I came home after kickball, turned on the TV, saw snow, so I fell asleep watching 'Airplane.' Was out all day Friday, so I didn't deal with it until today.)

I had an appointment from 3-5pm; I called around 6pm, and the techs came a little after 7pm. Guess there were a lot of folks anxious to not be without service during the holiday.

Apparently, someone had cut my wire in setting up someone else's service, so they ran a temporary wire on the surface until they can dig a new one, which will happen sometime during the next 2 weeks and will probably cut off someone else's service in the process.

And the circle will be complete.

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