Saturday, February 17, 2007

MySpace Spammers Don't Want Kids (and Western Australia Becomes a U.S. State)

The only friend requests I've gotten in a while to my much-neglected MySpace profile have all been from spammers of one sort or another.

I always take a look at the profiles to see what they're hawking, how they're doing it, and who's been dumb enough (or desperate enough) to friend the spammer.

This spam profile from last week was kind of a head scratcher:

MySpace Spam Profile Picture

Apparently, "Virginia" here hails from Palisades, in the U.S. state of Western Australia. Not sure how that works.

Also, perhaps we should be thankful, but I've also noticed that to a one, MySpace spammers don't want kids (at least, according to their profile details).


Anonymous said...

I just received 4 spams by gurlee, chickee, lil'brat, and hunnybunz this morning. All from the same person, all using the same bimbo's picture. How cool is that?

I sent a reply telling him to find another dumb person and next time pick Ashleee as the name. I like Ashleee. The more e's the better.

Anonymous said...

Why so Ameri-centric? Maybe there is also a Palisades in Western Australia?! There is a Mission Bay in several different countries, often you have the same name in different countries.

Anonymous said...

P.S. spammers suck. How do you know the spammers don't want kids anyone can lie on the internet! I bet people who DO want/have kids also spam too! Sorry you are going through this - spammers hackers et al SUCK!

Joelogon said...

Anon - please take a closer look at the image, which says "Palisades; Western Australia, United States"

Also, this entry is 2 years old -- MySpace spam isn't really a problem anymore, mostly because MySpace has been eclipsed by Facebook.