Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cold Weather and My Gag Reflex

Since I'm not much of a heat sink, I find that the cold affects me in odd and annoying ways.

For example, after I drink a 32 ounce soda or other cold beverage, I'll start shivering -- even in relatively warm weather.

More annoyingly, when I go from a warm place to a cold place (including getting out of a warm and toasty-comfy bed in the morning), I'll get a really strong urge to cough.

And it's not the kind of polite, scratchy-throat kind of cough. More like hacking up a lung, "Is he going to hurl?" kind of cough. Almost a soul coughing , if you will.

Strictly speaking, I guess it's not a gag reflex. It's more like photic sneezing, only triggered by a drop in temperature.

It's still pretty annoying, and another reason why I dislike winter.

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