Friday, October 14, 2005

Napkin Entry the Next: Hair Protocol

9:35pm, backbar, continued

I'm not positive, but I think I'm already well past my "Three ma'ams and a haircut" rule, which states that after being mistaken for a female three times, it's time to go get a haircut.

Let's see:

#1. Fellow at the bar last Friday.
#2. Cashier at the Trader Joe's checkout line on Sunday.
#3. Cafeteria orker behind the counter on Tuesday.

Yeah, that's three.

Be that as it may, though, I'm letting my hair grow and leaving my luxurious tresses, so fuck it.


Steve said...

Trying to return to the Iron Chef "chairman" guy hair length?

Just curious, but when exactly did "worker" morph into "orker". I had noticed the "cow-orker" in previous posts and just figured you were referring to a fat co-worker.

Joelogon said...

It's just one of those things.

Anonymous said...

Don't even ask what he does to 'colleague'.

Joelogon said...

I have no idea what that means, but I'm afraid anyway.