Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blogging Is Gay?

I was up in NYC yesterday and today for the BlogOn 2005 Social Media Summit.

Last night, there was an afterparty at Lolita's on the LES (that's "Lower East Side" for the you provincials.)

I took the M5 bus down to Houston -- the Metrocard reader was broken, so it was a free ride. (Score! Then again, it was a legitimate business expense, so it would have been paid for anyway. Boo.)

I walked down Allen the rest of the way.

I guess I should clarify that Allen is a street.

I was disturbed to see a Starbucks on the corner of Delancey and Allen.

I'm hanging out at the bar, talking with some folks. I talk to a group of appropriately LES-looking natives, and one of them asked me what was going on.

Blogging conference, I said.

Oh, he said. I thought it was some sort of gay thing.

To be fair, there was an abundance of well-dressed men at the bar on a Monday night. And no Monday Night Football on the non-existant TV.

Maybe it's true that women bloggers are underrepresented at these sorts of things.

Anecdotal evidence supports it.

As chance would have it, there was at least one native blogger at the bar.

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1 comment:

Susie Felber said...


Well, I stumbled into friends and then stumbled into the party by chance.

Then, free drinks were foist upon me.

Oh, poor me!

T'was a pleasure meeting you Joe.

And even though there was a delectable buffet of boys on display, I didn't take y'all for gay.

Still, it was fun teasing the dude from San Francisco with that shiny maroon ribbed-for-someone's-pleasure shirt that seemed plucked straight outta of Carson Kressley's closet.