Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dumb Things From Kickball, Part 2

So, we headed over to Kelly's Irish Times for the afterparty.

Nothing too crazy, since I've long since learned that I'm not really an afternoon drinker.

I was especially interested in going because there was an exceptionally cute brunette playing for the Bethesda team Off in Public (which lost in the finals) with whom I was keen on conversing, so as to better get to know her as a human being.

Anyway, the dumb part was not that I didn't talk to her. That would just have been par for the course.

The dumb (stupid! stupid!) part, was that I did indeed talk with her, briefly (just some small talk -- kickball small talk, at that), and did not get her name, let alone number, relationship status or any other pertinent (or impertinent) information.

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