Saturday, July 02, 2005

Don't Try to Run a Cop Off the Road

Coming home at around 11pm last night, I was waiting in the right lane of a double left turn lane.

Yes, I was in my car.

To my left was a Fairfax County Police cruiser.

No problem, nothing to be worried about. I hadn't been drinking, because I was just coming back from work. But I was really tired. (Now, coming back from work at 11pm on the Friday before a 3-day weekend? That's dumb, too.)

Now, it was a double left turn onto a stretch of Reston Parkway that crosses over the Toll Road, so it's a little odd, because you've got two travel lanes, two left exit lanes, and a right exit lane.

Well, as I was turning, I nearly sideswiped the cop.

I saw the line (it was faded), saw I was over it, saw him swerve.

Saw him shortly after drop in behind me.

Saw him follow me towards the Taco Bell (which is where I was headed, it being after 11pm and all).

Saw him take the alternate entrance, and then saw him behind me in the drive-in line.

Had I mentioned that I was still carrying my expired registration?

The new version was in my bag, in the trunk.

At least I put my new sticker on that morning.

Anyway, I ended up not getting pulled over.

I guess he was hungry, too.

Plus, I deftly avoided some guy who cut me off, as the cop was behind me watching.

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