Monday, January 12, 2009

Breaking the Seal on 2009 Blogging Means Putting to Sleep Some 2008 Entries

Two weeks into the New Year and I'm already falling behind. Before I get into any new business, I decided it'd be best to clean out some entries in my drafts folder, from 2008 and earlier.

Here are the entries that I'm officially pulling the plug on (with the dates they were last touched):

Religion Turned Inside, Outside [7/25/06]: Trying to establish a new religion whose sole tenet was: "That which is inside should remain inside; that which is outside should remain outside." I never really got much farther than that.

Blogging Is Conversation. This Includes the Ones You Don't Want to Have [7/25/06]: In the fullness of time, it became even more trite and pointless.

The Dumbest People Are Usually the Loudest People [8/8/06]: Kind of obvious, yes?

funny looking pop stars [8/27/06]: An outgrowth of the completely non-original observation that there hasn't been an ugly female pop star in a long, long time. The particular tack was looking at the halo effect of fame and pop culture familiarity that turns funny-looking male pop stars into sex symbols. Evidence: Justin Timberlake (goofy looking), Jay-Z (perfectly oval head), Puff Daddy (weak chin).

Deaf Culture Is Pretty Ridiculous [9/5/06]: It started out with the observation that you don't see advocates for the preservation of "Blind Culture" like you do for Deaf Culture. I abandoned this post without going any further because: 1.) As a sighted, hearing dilettante, I felt I didn't really know enough, and 2.) I was chicken about raising the ire of the Deaf community.

SEO [9/5/06]: Remembering how back in the day, I argued that URLs should be readable by, and have meaning for, humans (as opposed to the dynamically-generated URLs we saw back then), and how SEO has brought that back around. No real point except to crow about the obvious.

We Are Our Words [9/24/06]: Just a general grammarian's plea for proper grammar and spelling in online postings.

stroke material [10/28/06]: Commenting on some racy American Apparel and True dating ads.

I Like Girly Conditioner [10/29/06]: That was about it.

Old Movies, New Commercials [11/27/06]: Impotent fist-shaking at the then-newish Direct TV ads that feature actors doing ad pitches cut into famous movie scenes.

The DC Blogs Map Is Not the Territory [1/3/07]: Not sure what this meant, other than the fact that the DC blogging community is more than the blogs that show up in DC Blogs.

The Perils of Command Lines and Visiting the Past [1/11/07]: I think this had to do with a command line screwup I made.

Something about chewing gum for your health [2/22/07]: I chew a lot of gum.

WaPo and VA [5/24/07]: A one-note joke based off an IM conversation, about how the Post coverage of Virginia is disproportionately about Clarendon: "we don't just cover Clarendon... we talk about Rosslyn and Ballston, too."

Flickr Video Whiners [4/11/08]: Remember the hubbub about Flickr adding video? Me neither.

Unintended Lessons From the Virgin Festival [8/27/08]: 1.) My wallet is thinner without all the crap in it. 2.) My trunk has more room without all the crap in it. 3.) If you drink 4 Red Bull and Vodkas, you'll have trouble going to sleep. That was about it.

There were a few others that didn't even have titles, and some that I purged that didn't deserve any recognition at all.

I still have a lot of unformed draft entries, though, and I see some repeats -- themes that keep popping up in different forms, which means I'm still thinking about them. They'll eventually emerge, I think.

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