Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Free CD Giveaway: Because Stupid Should Hurt (Or at Least Cost)

A week or two ago at the CD Cellar, I did one of my trademark dumb things yet again -- bought a CD I already own (Feist's Let It Die).

Here, you can see both copies in my poor attempt at a Sleeveface:

Yes, I know the head tilt is all wrong, but it was a pain trying to set it up by myself.

I could probably bring it back for a store credit (especially seeing as how I most likely bought both copies from CD Cellar locations), but I (like many) believe that "Stupid Should Hurt."

So I'm going to do a free Feist CD giveaway: If you want the CD, leave me a comment in this entry by 11:59PM EDT, next Tuesday, June 24, 2008.

On Wednesday, June 25, I will randomly select a commenter (I still have my D&D dice around here somewhere) from the entries received (one entry per person), and do a followup blog entry announcing the winner, to whom I will mail the CD at my expense.

I'm hoping that this will force me to be more organized when it comes to my CD collection, though an unintended consequence may be that I'll never buy another Throwing Muses or Stereolab CD again, because I just can't be certain.


Daniel Poehlman said...

I'll bite. I suppose I could use a Feist CD.

By the way, that's not a terrible sleeveface. I think taking the glasses off could have helped. But, really, I think you need the big, friendly sleeves for vinyl albums.

Anonymous said...

Yay! CD! I love receiving international mail ;)

kanyixin said...

Yes, how about only those of us in other countries leave comments, to punish him more with shipping charges... mwuahaha. :p

Never mind, I'll be back in the states by then anyway. :(

I'm signing up because it'd be an odd fun way to get my first real (not crappily pirated) media after living in china. I'll be coming home with some pretty amusing fake DVD's. Good thing they were cheap so I can laugh about them.

kanyixin said...

BTW, your wording and use of a comma after the time...
"leave me a comment in this entry by 11:59PM EDT, next Tuesday, June 24, 2008."

...made me think it meant only the people who comment on THAT DAY before that time will be eligible, but I followed the herd and posted now. Perhaps I'll be back on the 24th just in case. Hmm...

Joelogon said...

Dan: Someone else to take the picture would be better -- it was really hard trying to catch a view of the screen in the bathroom mirror, especially since I need new glasses.

E: I'd considered doing "US mailing addresses only." But then I remembered I'm not running a sweepstakes.

Kim: And you were teaching English? (I know, "next Tuesday" would have probably been better served as a parenthetical.)

Anonymous said...

I like Feist OK. Is this a random drawing?

Possibly the whole repeating yourself thing is why I only do dl these days.

xx Joanna

Joelogon said...

Joanna -- yes, it's completely random. (As far as you know....)

Susie Felber said...


But better disqualify me lest I win and your readers accuse you of any feisty impropriety

Joelogon said...

Feb: As I am no longer associated with any Time Warner concerns, I don't have to disqualify anyone I don't want to.

Joelogon said...

Oh my. I didn't know you work blue.

That Tatted Up Chick said...

Don't worry, you're not the only person on the face of the planet who has stupidly bought the same CD, DVD, or book more than once.

I think I own like 4 copies of Pulp Fiction.

I know I own 2 copies of Scar Face.

I also know I own 3 copies of Nine Inch Nails, "Downward Spiral." (2 I purchased, 1 was a gift)

"Stupid people shouldn't breathe!"

Test Blog said...

My wife loves Feist! Come on, Lady Luck!

Joelogon said...

Comments for purposes of the Feist CD giveaway are now CLOSED.

You can still comment for the sake of commenting, of course.

That Tatted Up Chick: I don't think I've ever bought a DVD I already own (unknowningly, that is -- special editions don't count)

Push the Pull Door: We'll find out now, won't we?

Joelogon said...

Update: I just posted the winner (with exciting video), so check it out.