Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Pointy-Headed Moment

My boss and I had a meeting yesterday with one of the execs (well, the people of one of the execs), to talk about stuff.

One of those folks there is fairly new to the company, and pretty well-known in his or her own right because of events in the not too distant past.

So, we're winding down talking about our stuff, when my boss asks this person what he or she did before coming to the company.

It was pretty obvious he didn't have a clue who he or she was.

I hope the look on my face didn't give too much away.

When we left the meeting, I told him who he or she was.

He was appropriately chastened and self-flagellating.


Anonymous said...


Sounds like your boss is really disinclined to do the whole corporate suck-up thing. You no doubt count yourself lucky to be led by one who possesses such purity of motivation in terms of what is "good for business."


Joelogon said...