Thursday, November 10, 2005

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Was coming back from a night out in Arlington (or as I like to sometimes put it, Barlington. I'm wacky that way).

We'd started out at Galaxy Hut, which was (somewhat uncharacteristically) chock full of impossibly young hipster hotties, then headed over to Whitlow's (since they had Patron tequila, which was in high demand by certain members of the group).

I took off a little in front of 1 AM, taking my usual route back.

So, I was sitting at the intersection of Lee Highway and North Highland, waiting for the light to change. Which it did.

However, I saw a BMV SUV (I think) zooming up on Lee Highway on my right side. Quite rapidly. I stayed back in the intersection. The BMW ran the red. And when I say ran, I mean really ran -- it wasn't even close.

Now, that's not a good intersection to flout traffic laws, especially at 1 AM, because there's always a cop car in the shopping center parking lot just ahead, as well as another cruiser (don't know if it's manned or not) at the tennis courts by the intersection.

Sure enough, seconds later, a cruiser with lights and sirens pulled over the miscreant, followed by a second unmarked car, as I drove carefully by.

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