Friday, February 21, 2014

Thank You Racist Texans, for Further Ruining an Already-Ruined Night

It wasn't bad enough that I was at a local bar watching Duke blow a late-second-half lead to UNC (during the Snowchi-rescheduled game at Chapel Hill).

No, going out to the patio during a break in the action, I get to experience this:

The tail end of some anecdote, told by two visiting, self-declared Texans (who may have been friends-of-a-friend-of-a-friend, or merely random bar loudmouths), of a female acquaintance getting hit, with the abuser subsequently getting beat down (all wording paraphrased):

"There's two things down in Texas we don't stand for...

Men hitting women, and..."

Long, exaggerated look over left shoulder...

 [Oh, no...]

Long, exaggerated look over right shoulder...

"...Black guys with [at this point, I'd already started bailing for the door, so I missed the exact wording, though he clearly meant "white women"]..."

 "...which seems to be a thing down here..."

Seriously, I'm glad (not) I passed your philosophical paper bag test, but FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE.

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