Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reaching Peak Deja Vu

For the past couple of weeks, I've had thoughts, that I think I've had. Tying into song lyrics. It's not something unusual, except for the things I've seen. I know, from an intellectual standpoint, that it's not something unexpected. The brain, and its perceptions, and how it perceives itself, is a strange thing. The strange thing, I know, is that the shape of things is weird. It ties into the cadence of things. The cadence of the flow. The thoughts that remind me of things. Of "Jetsons" quotes. The particular cadence of things. "It's later than I thought... it's later than I thought." I should probably stop here now. I've been drinking. And if everything is predetermined, that there's no point in things. But still... it's like "Punch-Out": Come on, stand up and fight. This post is subject to a disclaimer. And I have no illusion that I know what happens next.

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