Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On Turning 40 and Adjusting My Goals Downward

I turn 40 next Monday, and my still-somewhat-misnamed Actual 40th Birthday Commemoration is this Saturday (March 24, 9pm, Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in Herndon if you're interested).


Two weeks ago, I had in mind the goal of getting down from my current weight (about 142), to my driver's license weight (well, the weight that I was when I last renewed my license, 5 years ago), which was about 130... by my birthday.

The problem with that was, I'd last been on a weight gain workout cycle, followed by three months of not going to the gym.

Also, there was St. Patrick's Day. And after a week of fairly rigorous exercise and slightly careful eating, I dropped a whole half-pound. So that ended fairly quickly.

Of course, I may simply be replacing fat with muscle (my belt feels like it's slightly looser so far).

Up until this point, I've always been a hard gainer -- even up until fairly recently, I'd skip a lunch or two and lose a pound of real weight.

Anyway, my revised fitness goal is to not worry about it until later.


Missie said...

Missed you from AOL Joe!

Sugar said...

hi joe! doubt you remember me, as we didn't read ea other, i was on aol's j-land for yrs (4 blogs). guido @ fb said you were turning 40, wanted to let you know your 40's can be the best yrs of your life!!! so consider this an EARLY hb. ;)