Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9/13/99: Never Forget (Breakaway Day)

Repurposing my entry originally published in 2006: today, September 13, we remember the day where, in 1999, we lost all 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, when a thermonuclear chain reaction on the moon's Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 2 blasted the moon out of Earth orbit and into Space: 1999:

Sept. 13, 1999: Never Forget

Although we are still dealing with the resulting environmental and geological devastation, we on Earth persevere, and seek to honor the Moonbase Alpha victims: NEVER FORGET:

We Will Never Forget Moonbase Alpha

Similarly, we must always remember the heroism of the Eagle Transport pilots and crew as they tried to rescue the trapped Alphans:
Let the Mighty Eagles Soar

May the victims of the Moonbase Alpha disaster always be remembered:
God Bless Moonbase Alpha

Spread the word with graphic badges:
Space 1999 Memorial Gif: 9/13/99
Space 1999 Memorial Gif: 9/13/99
Space 1999 Memorial Gif: 9/13/99
9/13/99: Never Forget.

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