Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Cost a Nigerian Scam Artist $1.08

I got this letter a few days ago -- it's a snail mail version of the classic Nigerian Letter (or 419 scam, which retains the name, even though this one apparently originated in the UK):


Because we see it so often in e-mail these days, it's easy to forget that the Nigerian scam started out in snail mail and faxes.

In this particular case, there's still an online connection, since the scammers evidently got my address from a WHOIS lookup. (I'll also occasionally get "European Lottery" notification letters of similar provenance.)

I take pleasure knowing that the scammers spent £0.54, or about $US1.08 in postage.

I am saddened, though, knowing I did not warrant the complete trust placed in me, as I could not keep "this proposition absolutely confidential."

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Anonymous said...

That's a guy pretending to be the Dukes of Hazzard brothers to a Nigerian scammer. HI-larious!!