Friday, September 30, 2005

Multi-State Fluid Problems

Yesterday morning, I was preparing my grits in the office kitchenette.

(It's the one that's really small and has an inconveniently-placed I-beam in the middle of it. If there are more than two people in it at the same time, you have to tango your way around.)

Anyway, I took the bowl out of the microwave (if you fill the bowl with hot water from the spigot on the coffeemaker, you only have to nuke it for 60 seconds, tops) -- it was a chili-style bowl with a flat grab handle -- and as I was setting it down, I jostled it, causing scalding hot grits to splash over my fingers.

Fortunately, the burn spray in the first aid box works pretty good.

Then, I went to the other kitchenette to get some ice (ours doesn't have an icemaker).

Immediately after I got to my cube, I dropped the cup of ice, spilling half of it out.

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