Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Killing a Perfectly Good Saturday

I had a whole bunch of stuff planned for Saturday. I even got around to doing some of it.

It was also chock full of dumb stuff (which will be numbered)0.

I spent the waking up portion of the morning trying to play Halo on Legendary (the hardest level)1. . I was inspired after watching a few episodes of the video-game animated talk show, This Spartan Life.

Careful analysis indicates that I still stink.

I then headed into Arlington to do a few errands. It was a hot day, so I decided to get a refreshing Slurpee, good for a free song at the iTunes Music Store.

No more big Slurpee cups with the free song.2.

Worse, I ended up getting a Coke-flavored Slurpee, which was one of the more disgusting things I've ever tasted.3.

I headed out onto I-66.

Now, based on the evidence that I saw on the road, I would think that Ford Focus drivers are the dumbest people on Earth. However, I know this is not the case.

In the first incident, I was headed east, just by Westmoreland street. It's two lanes with an exit-only lane. I saw the Focus in the exit lane, going pretty darn fast with no sigsn of slowing. Not only does he cut in at the last minute, crossing the solid line and two lanes of traffic, fitting through a space that required some bending of the laws governing space-time interaction.4.

In the second incident, the Focus in question was sitting on the Lee Highway/Spout Run exit. Or more precisely, in the rough part between the exit and highway, trying to get back onto 66. Bad idea.5. I didn't stick around to watch.

Anyway, I made it in to Arlington. One of the points of the exercise was to go to the CD Cellar. I managed to get out without causing major damage, even though I appear to be buying all the music I should have bought in the mid-90s (but didn't)6.. I did, however, make my first Madonna CD purchase, finally getting Ray of Light.

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