Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dumb Thing I Forgot I Did During Live 8

I had to work during Live 8, but at least I had a nice fat pipe with which to watch the streams.

Crappy speakers, though.

Anyway, I was listening on a conference call part of the time, and I had my headset on, muted.

I was watching Madonna on the London stream, and when she did Ray of Light, I took off the headset so I could get a better listen.

You know, to rock out.

I switched to speakerphone so I could still hear the call.

I forgot that the mute button for the headset is separate from the mute button for the speaker.

I remembered after I heard one of the more senior execs on the call asking whoever it was to mute their phone.

I dropped off the call. Quickly.

In a somewhat-related postscript, we had an company all-hands Webcast last week. They used the Madonna Live 8 London footage as the warmup.

Unedited, so it included Madonna shouting "Are you fucking ready, London?"

I found that kind of amusing.

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