Tuesday, April 26, 2005

World's Shortest Workout

Went to the gym today for the quarterly workout.

That's once a quarter, whether I need it or not.

Changing in the locker room: t-shirt, spandex compression shorts (bike pants), gloves, sneakers, water bottle.

Hrm, no socks. That's okay, I'm wearing white tube socks.

Going to try the Shuffle today, too, don't usually work out wearing headphones.

Why would I not have socks? Oh, I know, I raided my gym bag for last week's kickball game, and afterwards I threw them in the laundry.

Along with my shorts.

Now, there are certain types of people who can work out at the gym wearing only compression shorts.

They're called "women."

I ended up taking a shower anyway (was getting a little gamey by then) and leaving.

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