Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Random Dumbness

* Taped the two-a-day reruns of ABC's 'Lost' so I could catch up (it was one of those shows I theoretically should have been watching, but wasn't.) Ended up taping over episode 3 before I watched it, leaving me with a minor but annoying gap in my knowledge of the storyline.

* My washer & dryer are stacked (boy, are they). Opened the dryer door, bent over to get something from the washer, stood up and smacked my head into the dryer door. That hurt. A lot.

* Taking a page from News of the Weird's "No Longer Weird" category -- Leaving the Car Unlocked Overnight no longer warrants an entry. Unless my stuff (or my car) gets stolen.

* Each day, I find myself getting closer and closer to succumbing to the dreaded "unforgivable use of superfluous apostrophes when pluralizing a word"; e.g. show's vs. shows above, which I fortunately caught in Preview.

* In 2004, had exactly one entry in my paper diary. Considering that very little goes into this here journal, there's a lot I'm not capturing.

Then again, maybe that's not a bad thing.

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