Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dumb Things: Omnibus Edition

  • Find on my credit card statement that I managed to buy 2 tickets for myself for last month's DC Digital Capital Week kickoff party. (Remember: Stupid should cost.)
  • From last month's trip to the San Francisco area: Rented a car for 3 days for $45 (pre-tax)... then, while in a post-flight stupor, effectively doubled the price by agreeing to the Fuel Purchase Option.
  • Speaking of the San Francisco trip: Flew in Friday night, took the Sunday red-eye back and went straight into the office.
  • For July 4th weekend: Put a lot of time into slow-cooking a Brunswick Stew. Put in a little extra time into burning it.
  • Saturday afternoon: Saw an Escalade on Reston Parkway take a U-turn over the raised median so it could get back onto the Toll Road
  • Sunday: Watched Primer again. Even with supplemental materials, could not follow all the time travel bits.
  • Driving home in the rain tonight: Watching as my headlights caught a frog trying to play Frogger. It lost.

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