Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dumb Things from the Ski Trip

Went skiing in 7 Springs (Pennsylvania) over Super Bowl weekeknd.

* Fell getting onto the lift the first time, forcing them to stop it. I was That Guy.

* Forgot that my prior skiing experience, while in Lake Tahoe, was 5 days...5 years ago.

* Having forgotten that, went on the first "warm-up" run with the rest of the folks, fell immediately, then twice more in the next 90 seconds, culminating in a yard sale.

* Had my cell phone in my pants pocket. Fell on it. Hard. Now I have a cell phone-shaped bruise on my thigh.

* Was skiing on a green trail. Actually, a double green. Which suddenly grew moguls. It was narrow and crowded, and I crashed into the edge of the trail. One ski went over the edge, and a pine branch brushed my eye. I had to climb over the edge to get my ski. But my eye is okay now.

* On Day 2, went skiing on a blue-green with the folks. They went on the blue part, I went for the bypass. But I missed it somehow, and was left looking down at a black diamond. Ended up having to inch my way back up so I could find an easier way down.

That's about it. By the end of Day 2, I was on blues okay.

Come to think of it, that was pretty much how the Tahoe trip went, too.

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