Monday, December 13, 2004

Events Have Caught Up to Me

My domain is set up so that any mail sent to the domain forwards to my inbox. This used to be a good thing...until spammers started throwing the dictionary at us.

Unfortunately, I've used a bunch of different reply-to addresses (some of which I've lost track of), so that setting up rules to allow them would be a hassle. I suppose I'll have to try to clean things up.

Anyway, I'd had my SpamAssassin set to mark spam as deleted and move it to a junkmail folder, where I could review it before deleting it. (Not that I ever did.)

Sunday, I had over 20,000 messages in my junkmail folder. Every time I tried to expunge the folder, PINE crapped out. I ended up having to delete the folder.

Needles to say [sic], spam goes into the ether now.

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