Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Something About Corey

The last time I locked myself out of my house, I was heading out to pick up Corey at the airport. I salvaged that by getting Pauly to take me to an undisclosed location to get a spare key.

So, Saturday was Corey's wedding. I was an usher, so I wanted to be there at 3pm (4pm wedding). I left the house about 2:20pm, so I was in pretty good shape.

Except I didn't have my keys.

Which I realized 2 seconds after the door clicked shut.

I called Pauly to bail me out. Let's see, 10 minutes to get to my place, 15 minutes to the undisclosed location, 5 minutes inside, 15 minutes back...with traffic, it was going to be iffy.

I didn't have anything to lose, so I pulled a plastic card from my wallet and tried to jimmy the lock open.

Whaddya worked.

The morale of this story? Always use your deadbolt.

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